11 Often Overlooked Benefits Of Frankincense Oil

Most people only know about frankincense thanks to some passages in the Bible, but at least that helps to highlight how popular the substance has been since ancient times. There are many scientifically-backed benefits of using frankincense of which most people are blissfully unaware. The article on this page will provide you with some accurate information and advice so all readers can start to use this versatile product to their advantage.

Here are some of the reasons you need to keep frankincense in your medicine cabinet.


Fighting with cancer


Frankincense could help to fight cancer

Many formal studies claim Frankincense can help to kill some of the cancer cells left over after chemotherapy. Experts believe a compound called AKBA assists in destroying cells that have become resistant to the chemo, and so many cancer patients use it.

What to do

  • Mix some frankincense oil with tea tree and raspberry seed oil and then massage the cancerous area a couple of times each day.

A bottle of frankincense essential oil

Frankincense improves digestion

If you suffer issues related to digestion, frankincense oil could help to provide some relief while ensuring you have a smooth movement every time.

What to do

  • Mix a small drop of frankincense oil with around 1 ml of sesame oil for the best results. Sit in a comfortable position and then massage the concoction into the areas of your abdomen where you feel discomfort.

Some rest after a hard day's work

Frankincense promotes healthy sleep patterns

Are you one of those people who toss and turn for hours before you finally drop off to sleep? Using frankincense oil could help you to maintain a proper sleeping pattern and ensure you never feel too tired for work in the mornings.

What to do

  • Add some frankincense oil to the diffuser in your bedroom and allow the device to fill the room with vapor. Lie in bed, breathe the frankincense, and you should drop off to sleep without getting stressed or frustrated.

Woman at the Gym Experiencing Pain

Frankincense relieves aches and pains

Frankincense oil contains many anti-inflammatory elements, and that means it is the ideal all-natural solution for getting rid of those aches and pains.

What to do

  • Mix some frankincense oil with a few drops of almond oil, and then apply the substance to the affected joints or muscles. Massage the area for around ten minutes for the best outcomes.

Human skin Acne

Frankincense helps to prevent scarring

If you have some stretch marks, acne scars or any other unsightly skin issues, frankincense oil could help to get your body back to its natural state. Frankincense oil will reduce and reverse scarring, and you should notice an improvement within only a few weeks.

What to do

  • Get your moisturizer and add a few drops of frankincense oil before mixing it in.
  • Add some lavender oil to ensure the substance smells pleasant
  • Apply to your skin before and after you take a shower or bath.

woman holding paper with question mark over her crotch. Health hygiene sexual education concept

Frankincense improves your menstrual cycle

Lots of ladies struggle when it comes to regulating their menstrual cycle, and studies suggest that frankincense oil can make a significant difference.

What to do

  • Get some primrose oil, add two or three drops of frankincense oil, and massage the concoction into the painful abdominal area.
  • Add some sandalwood oil and repeat the process. Sandalwood is known to limit pain from conditions of the uterus.

Concept of having strong healthy straight white teeth at old age. Close up portrait of happy with beaming smile female pensioner pointing on her perfect clear white teeth, isolated on gray background

Frankincense improves oral health

Nobody wants to spend lots of time with their dentist, and so it makes sense to seek out the best natural oral health remedies. Frankincense oil has antiseptic properties, and so it is the perfect ingredient for homemade mouthwashes.

What to do

  • Grab a glass out of the kitchen and add a few drops of frankincense oil and some peppermint oil too.
  • Throw a pinch of salt into the glass.
  • Add as much water as you require, and then swill the mixture around in your mouth as you would with any other mouthwash product.
  • Repeat the process one or two times each week.

Sick woman coughing with pain

Frankincense can treat respiratory problems

Frankincense oil should help to remove any phlegm and congestion from your body to ensure you never face respiratory problems. It’s perfect for people with asthma, bronchitis, and allergies.

What to do

  • Pick up a diffuser from your local home store and add the oil before placing the device on the side in your bedroom.
  • Leave the diffuser on during the night as you sleep.
  • For quick relief, add some drops of oil to a cloth and inhale for a couple of seconds.

Sad woman

Frankincense deals with stress and anxiety

Most people work stressful jobs these days, and unwinding when they get home can become somewhat of a challenge. However, specialists claim that frankincense oil has lots of anxiety-reducing traits, and so you might like to try it out.

What to do

  • Add a few drops of frankincense oil to your bath the next time you climb into the tub.
  • Rub some frankincense oil into the bottom of your feet when you get out of the bath.
  • Repeat the process every time you spend an hour or so in the tub.

Mother tending to her son's wounded arm

Frankincense can treat wounds

Frankincense oil contains lots of anti-microbial properties that experts say can help to fight infections. Those in the know also state that frankincense oil can assist in speeding the healing process.

What to do

  • Mix your frankincense oil with some healing lavender oil and rub it into the affected area.
  • For the best outcomes, add some coconut oil to moisturise your skin at the same time.

child girl drinking hot tea to recover from flu. Healing kids and protect immunity from seasonal virus, health concept

Frankincense boosts your immune system

Frankincense oil contains compounds called boswellic acids, and they are known to modify and improve the human immune system. Experts claim boswellic acids boost T-cell interactions and slow down hypersensitivity.

What to do

  • Place a single drop frankincense oil under your tongue (but be sure to consult your doctor first.)
  • Mix one drop of frankincense oil with a teaspoon of honey and coconut oil and consume.

Now you know about some of the most overlooked benefits of frankincense oil; you can pick some up from your local store and start using it to promote optimum health right now. The product is not going to break the bank, and it could help you to use a natural alternative to many of the harmful medicines prescribed by doctors today. See you back here soon!

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