7 Essential Oil Diffusion Hacks Anyone Can Use

7 Essential Oil Diffusion Hacks Anyone Can Use

Here, we’re going to look at some of the most effective methods of diffusion and which tools can help you get the best spread of your oils.

Using a diffuser

It should be no surprise that the most effective and popular way to diffuse essential oils throughout your space is to make use of a device built to do just that. There are a few different kinds of diffuser out there, each with their own benefits:

  • Ultrasonic diffusion: These use sonic waves to break down essential oils and disperse them through water, letting the mix escape as a fine mist which adds certain visual flair.
  • Electric diffusion: The more traditional method involves heating the oil to help it slowly evaporate throughout the air. Electric diffusers come in all shapes and sizes, too, so it’s not to difficult to find one best suited to your space.
  • Candle lamp diffusion: With a small tea light placed beneath a bowl, these kinds of diffusers heat a mix of water and oil at a low heat, extending the diffusion time beyond the usual 20 minutes.

Creating a scented pouch

If you want a more prolonged exposure to those essential oils, then a scented pouch might be just the thing. There are ready-made pouches sold on stores all across the web, but you can just as easily create your own pouch. Dab a piece of cotton wool or other stuffing with your oil of choice and sew it into two pieces of fabric.

Scented pouches can be hung on the wall, from the rear-view mirror, even kept in pockets and shoes.

Making your own fan diffuser

There are fan diffusers widely available, helping oils disperse using a steady flow of cool air. You can just as easily make your own, however:

  • Layer two tissues together
  • Douse the tissues with three to four drops of oil
  • Attach the tissues to any household fan (when it’s not on)
  • Turn it on

The oils only get dispersed in the direction that the fan is turning, so the diffusion isn’t quite as comprehensive as other methods but it’s tremendously inexpensive. What’s more, changing the oil you use is as simple as getting another couple of tissues. The perfect method for dispersing Liv Sea Sun Lavender oil on a hot summer night.

Creating your own oil-infused hand wipes

There are plenty of essential oils that can be best applied directly and creating your own oil infused hand wipes can help you do just that. Here’s how you make them:

  • Get some dry wipes and a container such as a newly washed Tupperware box. Place between 30-50 wipes in the box.
  • Make your own mix of oil and water, using a coffee cup’s worth of water with three or four drops. Stir to mix.
  • Start pouring the mix slowly over the wipes. Pour over the top of the stack of wipes before turning them over and pouring more.
  • Use your hands to press down tightly on the wipes, helping to soak the oils throughout it.
  • Close the container and keep it in the fridge.

Follow the steps above and you will have your own supply of oil-infused hand wipes. They can be used with Liv Sea Sun Tea Tree oil to clean your hands, for instance, or with Liv Sea Sun Lemon oil to clean the home and leave a natural zesty scent.

Melting it into candles

Rather than buying scented candles, you can mix your own essential oils into candles you already have. Specifically, you need the kind of candle in a glass or metal container. Light the candle to lightly melt the wax. Let two to three drops of oil drip into the wax, not on the wick. Let the candle solidify once more. The next time you light it, it will slowly evaporate the oils within the wax to help it spread naturally throughout the space.

Making a quick spray

Another extremely low-cost method, creating a spritz spray is best used with oils that are easy on the skin. They can be used to lightly spray a pillow with Liv Sea Sun Lavender oils for a good night’s sleep or the Lemon variety to give recently wiped surfaces and clean, natural scent.

Making your own quick spray is as simple as taking any spray bottle and washing it out thoroughly. After you have done that, fill the bottle with distilled water and mix two to three drops of essential oil into it. Then you can easily spritz the mix around the home, in the car, on your bed, or wherever you desire.

Equipping your vacuum cleaner with essential oil

If you want to quickly spread a natural scent around the home before guests arrive, this is an effective method even if it doesn’t diffuse the oil quite as thoroughly as the other tips. All you need to do is take a cotton ball and douse it in a couple of drops of your favorite oil. Let it soak through before you push the ball into the dirt collection port of the vacuum.

Now, when you vacuum, the rush of air will help spread the scent as you clean. Getting rid of the cotton ball after you have used it is as simple as emptying the dust collector once again.

It’s safe to diffuse your essential oils everywhere, from the bedroom to the bathroom and even to the car. Thanks to the dispersal of the oils, a relatively small amount reaches your body. It’s enough to help steep your senses but is of no danger to you and your family. Just make sure you use oils safe for anyone likely to be in the space.

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