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Getting Healthy With Essential Oils: New Year’s Resolution For 2019

Usually, it’s always good to say goodbye to the end of the year. Why? It’s because it’s a perfect opportunity to start anew. As the year wears on, it’s easy to make mistakes and get into bad habits. There’s a reason almost everyone vows to lose weight and go to the gym in January.

Of course, certain resolutions are more comfortable to stick to than others. Saying your going to cook healthy meals and spend more time as a healthy is a nice thought yet it’s tough in 21st-century society. Thankfully, there’s one promise which is pretty straightforward to keep: using essential oils.

Replacing your current household and beauty products with essential oils has never been simpler. Let this post walk you through it in a few simple steps.

Why Essential Oils

To begin with, let’s take a look at why you want to implement essential oils into your life. What with all the chemicals in today’s “health” products, it wouldn’t be a surprise if they did more harm than good. These oils are naturally occurring and maintain their organic qualities even after they have been turned into a liquid. Plus, they are powerful too. With a single drop, you will see health gains in a short space of time.

Essential oils help to fight everything from:

  • colds
  • the flu
  • sore muscles
  • aches and pains
  • skin conditions
  • the signs of aging
  • digestive discomfort

There are mental benefits too. Because they smell great and give off a relaxing aroma, essential oils are effective stress relievers. They even improve quality of sleep. Just drop some on your pillow and breathe it in all night long to wake up in the morning refreshed.

How To Make The Change

While throwing away your products and replacing them with new ones seems daunting, it’s not. Thanks to our range of essential oils, they come in ready-to-use bottles. All you need to do is to choose your favorites. Here there are a few that are popular with our customers:

  • Lavender: Whether you want to sleep better or release some tension, lavender is one of the essential oils available today. Simply diffuse it into the air (through an air freshener) or mist it over your bed sheets with a light spray. Thanks to the calming properties of the oil, you’ll be as relaxed as ever before. Not only is this incredible for sleeping, but it helps with a build up of tension too.
  • Peppermint: A cup of coffee is how the majority of people wake up in the morning. The problem with this method is the caffeine. If you’re trying to stick to a New Year’s resolution of being healthier, 40mg of stimulant isn’t the brightest idea. If you’re thinking, “yes but what are my other options?” you should try peppermint oil. It’s a natural energizer and gets the body’s systems moving when you’ve just woken up. When diffusing it isn’t your thing, you should add it to soaps and scrubs. The lather will seep into the skin and give you a welcome boost.
  • Tea Tree: Taking care of your health is about more than what you eat and drink. It’s also about what gets into your system in other ways. Cleaning has to be the best example. Although it doesn’t feel as if it’s harmful, the chemicals from the products get into the bloodstream once they touch the skin. So, changing to an organic cleaner is a savvy move, and tea tree oil is on hand to help. Compared with the other essential oils, this is a powerful remover of dirt and grime. And, if it smells, you can add a hint of lemon to bring it down a notch.
  • Eucalyptus: As far as powerful organic treatments go, this is one of the most effective. Our range of eucalyptus oils is packed with vitamins which help to fight illnesses. For example, you can use the products in our shop to treat a common cold. That means there’s no reason to rush to the drug store and ingest mystery medication. Let’s face it – no one reads the packet when they are ill. With our eucalyptus oils, there’s no need to worry. Simply put a drop in your tea to help with everything from the flu to congestion.

Choose Liv Sea Sun´s Essential Oils

Why? It’s because we have an excellent range of organic products, starting with the ones mentioned above. Plus, first-time orders get a massive 30% off. With Liv Sea Sun, sticking to your 2019 New Year’s resolution will be a walk in the park.

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