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Using Essential Oils for Deep Tissue and Sports Massages

Most people spend the majority of their day sedentary. They sit around at a desk, working in their offices and rarely get a chance to move around outside of a small break. After work (or sometimes before work) they’ll get a bit of exercise and maybe even head to the gym for a brief workout to help offset their inactive working hours.

Sadly, this constant switching between physical exercise and being idle can quickly result in cramped muscles. This can often cause pain, it might lead to injuries, and it’s certainly not comfortable.

So now and then, it’s important to go for a sport or deep tissue massage to help you relieve those muscles of all the pent-up tension they’re experiencing. In order to enhance the effect of a massage, it’s possible to use various essential oils.

Juniper and Ginger

  • Warming oils that help oxygen flow through overworked muscles,
  • Natural analgesics to block pain receptors,
  • Anti-inflammatory properties thanks to the a-pinene component,
  • B-myrcene Inhibits pro-inflammatory cytokines,
  • D-limonene stimulates the immune system by activating white blood cells.

Several studies have shown that juniper and ginger oils are effective at helping to block pain and stimulate the immune system. They also create a warming effect on your muscles to help soothe them with better oxygen flow, while also acting as an anti-inflammatory to help calm overworked and tired muscles.


  • Cooling effect that soothes overheated muscles,
  • High menthol content creates analgesic, antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory effects,
  • Methone helps to inhibit proinflammatory cytokines,
  • Gently relieves spasms and relaxes muscles.

If your muscles are overheated and inflamed, then peppermint oils can help soothe and cool them. The high menthol content also helps to stimulate and calm the central nervous system, which in turn creates analgesic, antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory effects.

Sweet Marjoram and German Chamomile

  • Natural antispasmodic properties to help relax the muscles,
  • Both contain anti-inflammatory actions.

Sweet marjoram and German chamomile are both common oils used in deep tissue and sports massages thanks to their natural antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties. This can help the muscles relax better, and it soothes even the most tired and overworked body.

Helichrysum and Myrrh

  • Naturally helps to reduce bruising,
  • Influences how the body reacts to pain,
  • Help with vein integrity and contain anti-inflammatory properties.

Both helichrysum and myrrh are excellent at helping to reduce bruising. This is the perfect oil to use when you’ve had a rough workout or injure yourself while playing sports. A few drops of helichrysum and myrrh can drastically reduce bruising, pain and also help with vein integrity whenever you perform a massage.

Using Oils in a Massage

The most effective way for these oils to be used is to massage them with a sport or deep tissue massage gently. The effects are most noticeable when the oils are absorbed into the bloodstream or applied topically, and are often blended with unscented lotions or oils before being used.

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