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Want To Improve Your Health? Try These 6 Essential Oils

It’s tempting to get lured in by the appeal of pharmaceutical drugs. Experts prescribe them so they must work. However, a shocking statistic is that conventional medications account for 783,936 deaths per year in America. Compared with cancer and cardiovascular problems, this number is higher. The majority of people have no idea this is the case.

So, it’s time to try essential oils. After all, they have been around for centuries and have stood the test of time. Plus, they are organic and work very effectively. Taken from seeds and plants, the best essential oils impact everything from mental and physical health. Even better, there are very few side-effects as they are natural remedies.

Below you will find a list of the six best essential oils, most of which are available through our store.

Six Essential Oils

#1: Chamomile Oil

Do you have or have you ever suffered from sensitive skin? Skin ailments are among some of the most common diseases in the United States. Sure, they may not result in fatalities or serious injuries, yet they can be incredibly irritating. If you don’t want to keep on dealing with dry, flaky skin, you need this essential oil as it deals with:

  • acne
  • inflammation
  • skin blemishes
  • diaper rashes (for babies)

And that’s not all it does because it also helps more severe problems, such as stress and insomnia. These are very damaging if not taken care of properly. Thankfully, as one of the best essential oils around, you only need to vaporize and inhale. It should boost your mood and relieve tension in your body.

#2: Peppermint Oil

Not everyone is as awake and alert as they would like to be in the morning. In the office, this can cause problems as it makes you appear lazy and disinterested. Bosses hate this type of body language and will make sure you know it needs sorting out ASAP. The good news is you don’t have to doze off and risk the wrath of your manager any longer.

It is one of the best essential oils as it boosts alertness by up to 30%. According to research by the University of Colorado, a few drops will make you rejuvenated and refreshed. At work, this can impact a series of essential skills, including:

  • productivity
  • output
  • engagement
  • listening
  • absorption of information

#3: Frankincense Oil

There isn’t a more apt oil to buy from our store than frankincense this Christmas. If it’s good enough for Jesus, then it’s not worth sniffing at. Why? It’s because inhaling this essential oil can lead to a reduction in stress and depression through spiritual awareness.

Its mention in the Holy Book of Christianity means it has been used in this way for over 2000 years, so there is a lot of basis to the claims. Plus, yogis and people who meditate use it to find oneness due to its relaxing aroma. If spirituality isn’t your thing, it has antiseptic quality and can treat cuts.

#4: Lavender Oil

It’s no secret that lavender is one of the best essential oils for relaxing. Unlike Frankincense, it’s a popular treatment used in homes around the world. To this day, people put drops in their bath water and draw a calm, infusing bath. Or, they use the oils as air fresheners to create a clean, welcoming atmosphere.

Very much like Frankincense, it’s also an antiseptic but has more powerful qualities. As well as treating cuts, lavender oil is also fantastic for bruises, wounds and skin irritation.

#5: Tea Tree Oil

Native to Australia, this is the best of the essential oils to treat one of the nastiest infections: the fungal variety. Different parts of the body can smell, especially the feet. Usually, this happens when:

  • playing sports
  • wearing sweaty sneakers/shoes
  • getting an infection

The great thing about tea tree oil is that it is a perfect remedy to smelly feet. Not only that, but it deals with dandruff and scalp itchiness too. Essentially, it’s an incredible remedy for all fungal infections.

#6: Eucalyptus Oil

When winter arrives, there is nothing worse than a cold and all that it brings. You can suffer from a sore throat, sinus and breathing problems, and chest congestion. No wonder Jon Snow is so worried about it.

The great news is eucalyptus oil is a natural lozenge which clears up these problems. And, it takes care of:

  • immunity atrophy
  • skin irritation
  • the flu

Liv Sea Sun´s Essential Oils

There are lots of suppliers of the best essential oils around, but we have an unparalleled range which will blow your ailments away. So contact us right away to get our products or visit our site to find the best for you.

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