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Which Essential Oil Scents to Use in Each Room of Your Home

It’s important to create the right smell in your home, but not all rooms are the same. You do different things in each room of your house, and you’ll want to create a different atmosphere in each of those rooms to get the most out of them and make them feel right. Believe it or not, there’s a right scent for just about every space in your home, and even for the outdoor areas too.

Choosing the right essential oil scents will make your home generally feel more welcoming and relaxed. You might not realize it yet, but the way your house smells has a significant impact on how you experience it and how you relax when you’re spending time in there. Read on to find out which essential oil scents will be right for each of the rooms in your house.

Lemon Essential Oil for Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the place where you gather with your family to eat breakfast and host friends for dinner parties. That’s why you want something like a lemon-scented essential oil.

  • A clean and crisp scent. Lemon is crisp and clean-smelling, and that’s what your kitchen needs. Everyone wants their kitchen to feel clean and refreshed at all times.
  • Comforting and welcoming. It should also be and welcoming at the same time, which is what lemon essential oils provide perfectly for you.

Copaiba for Your Dining and Laundry Room

Copaiba essential oil is both refreshing and understated. It’s not going to strike you or overwhelm your senses, which makes it a good fit for the dining room and it can be great for the laundry room too.

  • A subtle scent. When you’re sitting down to eat, you want the scent in the room to be subtle, relaxed and never overbearing, just like copaiba.
  • Ideal for improving your appetite. The welcoming scent also gives your appetite a boost, making it the ideal essential oil for the place where you eat your meals.

Eucalyptus for Your Bathroom

When you go to your bathroom for a nice, long soak in the bathtub, you want to have a relaxing and refreshing aroma filling the air. That’s precisely what eucalyptus essential oil will do for your bathroom.

  • A fresh and clean smell. Fresh cleanliness is what everyone wants to achieve in the bathrooms. It should be a space that feels pristine because no wants an unclean bathroom.
  • It’ll help you to relax. The great thing about eucalyptus is that as well as making space feel clean and fresh, it can also help you relax. That’s just what you need when taking a bath at the end of a long day.

Cedarwood for Your Attic and Basement

Cedarwood essential oil is the best option for places in your home that want to keep free of problems and also make them welcoming. You probably don’t visit your basement or attic all that often, and that’s why cedarwood is the right scent for these spaces.

  • Warm, welcoming scent. Basements and attics are places where you store your old possessions, photo albums and other nostalgic things. That’s why the warm, welcoming cedarwood is so ideal for these spaces.
  • Keep common problems at bay. The smell of cedarwood can also keep things like insects at bay, which is vital because that’s a common problem in attics and basements.

Jasmine Essential Oil for Your Bedroom

The thing you’re trying to do most of the time when you’re in your bedroom is sleep. That’s why a jasmine scent works so well; it’s calming and relaxing, which is what you need when you want to sleep.

  • A calming smell. Jasmine is famous for its relaxed and calming effect. The bedroom is the main space you use when you want to relax in your home.
  • Make getting to sleep easier. When you’ve done enough relaxing and wanted to just get to sleep, a jasmine essential oil can help with that too.

Rosemary for Your Living Room

A rosemary essential oil offers a refreshing scent in many ways. It means you’ll feel awake and more likely to want to be creative in your living space, and that’s got to be a good thing.

  • A sweet and natural smell. If you want to add a more natural scent to your home, rosemary might be the solution you’ve been looking for. It’s sweet and natural and great for your living space.
  • Battle stress. No one should feel stressed out when they’re in their living room. Rosemary can help you battle stress swiftly and easily.

Cinnamon for the Foyer

The most important thing for your foyer to be is welcoming. It’s the introduction to your home and the first taste visitors will get of it. Cinnamon is the ideal scent for that situation.

  • The right introduction to your home. The beautiful smell of cinnamon is exactly the kind of introduction people want to your home. It sets the right tone for everything that comes next.
  • It’s uplifting and positive. It gives yourself and your visitors a positive feeling and a lift as you enter the home.

Peppermint for the Garage

As things stand, your garage is probably not the most pleasant smelling space on your property. But a burst of peppermint will completely change that, so don’t ignore your garage any longer.

  • Cover unpleasant smells. Peppermint is a very striking aroma; you notice it as soon as you smell it. That’s why it’s so good at masking any unpleasant smells you might find in your garage.
  • Strong and fresh. It’s the strength of the scent that makes it so pungent. And it’s also a very fresh aroma, making a dirty and unkempt space feel much fresher.

Citronella for Your Patio Area

Don’t forget about your outdoor space! You want it to smell great and create the right kind of atmosphere for a pleasant and relaxing evening out on the patio with your friends and family.

  • A strong, natural scent wherever you are. Even out in the open air, citronella can provide a natural scent that you’ll love.
  • Improve your mood. One of the things citronella is excellent for is improving your mood and generally helping you to relax. That’s just what you need in your outdoor patio area.
No matter which essential oils you choose for your home, you will find all of them in our shop. Please, visit our site to buy these and many other scents you like.
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