Geranium Essential Oil: 10 Reasons Why You Need It In Your Life

Geranium essential oil is a plant extract that has been used for health and beauty reasons since the 17th century. It has a wide range of known benefits and remains a very popular medicinal and beauty item in many different countries around the world.

In truth, this probably isn’t the first time you’ve heard about geranium essential oil. So, if you’ve opened this blog post with the hope of learning more about how it can enhance your life, you’re in luck. Here are ten benefits that should underline the need to start using this product.

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#1. It Can Detoxify The Body

The human body utilizes an incredibly advanced system to detoxify itself naturally. Unfortunately, this can slow down over time due to many factors. Geranium essential oil boasts a number of antioxidant properties that can rid the body of those harmful toxins to reverse the decreased effectiveness.

Geranium essential oil works its way into the body to provide the immune system with a timely boost. In turn, this creates an inhospitable environment for unhealthy cells, which protects the body against various illnesses and conditions.

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#2. Promote Healthy Skin & Hair

We recently produced a blog dedicated solely to how geranium oil can promote glowing skin. It can prevent scars, treat acne, and help slow the aging process. Those three-in-one benefits ensure that this little beauty of a product is far more effective than many of the alternative items currently sitting in your vanity cupboard.

In addition to promoting clearer skin, the essential oil supports healthy hair. It is primarily used to help balance the ph level, which can treat itchy scalp. Moreover, the oil can increase natural sebum to ensure that the scalp and hair are coated adequately.

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#3. An Alternative Painkiller

While traditional painkillers are great for treating various aches and pains, regular use can cause further problems if you suffer from stomach or liver issues. Geranium essential oil successfully reduces the pain without those side effects.

It can’t be used for all pains but is very useful for those related to diabetes and sclerosis. Treating the pain from nerve damage can add a little comfort during those tough times. Better still, only a small amount is needed, making it a cost-effective solution when other painkillers aren’t to hand. Of course, this shouldn’t stop you from seeking expert medical support when it is required.

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#4. Prevent Inflammation

Aside from numbing certain pains, geranium essential oil works as a fantastic anti-inflammatory. By containing the swelling in joints, this can be a quick and efficient way to treat various conditions, including acute and chronic issues.

Given the natural ingredients of the plant extract, it’s a far safer option than some items on the market. Crucially, the effects kick in far sooner for fast and effective pain relief that allows you to carry on with daily tasks. Again, a small amount applied to the localized area will usually suffice.

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#5. Fight Colds And Flu

The antibacterial properties of geranium essential oil make it an effective way to prevent and treat common colds and similar contagious viral infections. The respiratory tract is particularly vulnerable to contracting those illnesses, but the plant extract can provide the protection you deserve before, during, and after the bout of flu has struck.

As already mentioned, this can reduce pain and inflammation too. Essentially, then, this can speed up the recovery process while preventing the illness from impacting your life. This makes geranium essential oil a pivotal addition to the family’s medicinal cabinet.

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#6. Improve The Urinary System

The urinary system plays an integral role in your ongoing health. This is the key to removing waste materials including excess sugars and salts. Moreover, when this system functions well, it can promote healthier blood pressure levels.

Using geranium essential oil will actively boost the urinary system to help you remove a greater amount of excess materials on a more frequent basis. Don’t worry; it won’t suddenly leave you needing the toilet in an unhealthy manner. Instead, the body will simply function in the way it is intended to.

Cell Regeneration

#7. Cell Regeneration

The human body continuously creates new cells while millions more die. The use of geranium essential oil encourages dead cells to be removed quickly while new ones are formed more quickly and healthy. This is one of the reasons why it helps promote youthful skin, as already mentioned. Other skin benefits include the removal of dark spots.

Improved cell regeneration isn’t only relevant on an external level. The metabolic activities can promote better functioning muscles and organs. Therefore, the regular use of geranium essential oil can be the key to feeling better about your health on a daily basis.

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#8. Relax The Premenstrual Cycle

Premenstrual syndrome is a condition that affects many women and manifests through mood swings, stomach pains, and depression. This occurs due to the imbalanced hormones, and may happen every month or only on a certain number of cycles. Either way, geranium oil is the perfect daily product to help alleviate many of those symptoms.

Just rub a small amount on the stomach to reduce the cramps and help relax the body. This will additionally help calm the nerves to ensure that this time of the month no longer rules your life. The physical and emotional relief is enormous.

#9. Fight Various Brain Diseases

Neurodegenerative diseases are those that affect the neurons of the brain over a period of time. This includes conditions such as Parkinson’s and several forms of dementia. Geranium oil can be used to fight the threat of suffering from those problems, working as a preventative tool that may even reverse the effects of early-stage conditions.

Geranium essential oil works to reduce inflammation in the neural pathways, which stops inflammatory proteins from growing in the neurons. By leaving the brainless prone to this situation, the chances of suffering from this type of problem dramatically decrease.

#10. Increase Sex Drive

The body’s hormones are pivotal to the body’s performance. The chemical messengers influence how the organs and bodily functions react. This is one of the main purposes of blood circulation, and the secretion of hormones through the use of geranium essential oil can reverse many of the conditions’ onset by a reduced natural production.

Conditions associated with weight gains are prime candidates. Low libido is one of the most noticeable. As such, geranium essential oil can be a crucial factor in rebuilding the sex drive. If that doesn’t give you an incentive to keep it in the cupboard, nothing will.

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